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From VR Training Newbie to Rollout Master in 4 Days

14-18 September 2020

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Should you use VR to transform your employee training?

If yes, how? 

From deciding whether VR is the answer, to actual rollout of VR training at scale, learn everything you need to know about successfully transforming your employee training with VR.

The VR Training Summit is your virtual conference where VR training enterprise leaders share the lessons they learned in their transformation journeys.

At the end of the four days you get a transformation blueprint to get you started right away.



Join the Online VR Training Summit from the comfort of your home. Pick the theme of the day that best describes where you currently stand: are you about to get started, in pilot phase, rolling out or scaling?Don't miss DAY 4 of our Summit, when we will present all the hot innovation and discuss what is ready for rollout.


Getting Started with VR

  • How to design a successful pilot and how do you measure success?

  • How to incorporate VR into your Curriculum?

  • How to set up your VR training area?

  • What hurdles should you expect?


Rollout and scalability of VR Training

  • How to stay ahead of the curve?

  • What hardware innovations are ready for productive use?

  • What pains remain unresolved and what solutions show potential? 

  • When does VR make sense?

  • How to convince decision makers?

  • What is a good training?

  • How to find the right partner for your content?

  • What hardware fits your needs? 

DAY 2 

Designing a successful pilot

  • How to scale the creation of trainings?

  • What skills do you need in your team to scale?

  • How to train the trainers and ensure ease of operating?

DAY 4 

Innovation Check


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Join the VR Training Summit to find out how to reduce training time with VR!
The Summit

The greatest VR training practitioners will share with you their knowledge in the following formats:

Case Study


Demo Sessions

Practical examples presented by the most experienced in the field of VR training.

VR enterprise leaders discuss about overcoming hurdles in VR adoption.

Experience how others have implemented VR training in their organisations.

Supported by Our Visionary Community

For a while now we've been fostering a culture of open and constructive exchange, by connecting transformation leaders from enterprise, and enabling them to dissect the hurdles of VR training adoption together. The roundtables they joined have not only generated invaluable insights, but also laid the foundation of a strong community. Here are a few of the most advanced VR training visionaries and their views on the roundtables.

"A great exchange on the biggest challenges for VR Adoption that enterprises are facing today."
Stefan Gross
Lufthansa Technik
Manager AR/VR
"I highly recommend this event to everyone who is involved in training and education."
Usman Ghias
DB Systel
Leader of Immersive Technology
"It was encouraging to meet people who share the same struggles. It was an empowering event."
Christoph Blickhan
Fraport AG
Project Manager
"It was such an insightful meeting with VR leaders from various industries sharing and learning."
Nadine Laage
Airbus Operations
VR Project Lead

Our Growing Visionary Community

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